Our Heishi Bracelet Obsession

Heishi bracelets are here at Sadler Jones and between you and me, they’re our new favourite product. We can barely keep them stocked on the shelves, so we know you love them just as much!

So far they have been a little tricky to get hold of in the UK. We’re proud to have managed to get our hands on so many colours and designs, so that you can add some laid back bohemian vibes to your personal styling.

Love them and want to know a bit more? Here’s a run down on these gorgeous stackable bracelets!


What are Heishi Bracelets?

Heishi bracelets are stackable bracelets made from very thin irregular disc-shaped beads.

Traditionally, the Heishi beads were made from shaped organic shell pieces, natural stones, turquoise or lapis lazuli gemstones. These were carefully ground down and polished into small discs, then strung together to make beaded bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery.

It’s thought that Heishi bracelets were originally crafted by the native Kewa Pueblo people of New Mexico, making them the oldest form of jewellery in New Mexico and North America.

Nowadays, our modern Heishi bracelets are made from vinyl discs, in a whole range of colours to suit everyones style.

What does Heishi mean?

The beauty of Heishi bracelets is that they're incredibly easy to wear and style.

Wear one on it's own individually for a chic, pared back style, or stack them with different colours and styles for a casual and relaxed beachy boho look.

We love combining soft and neutral shades with one pop of colour for contrast - a black, grey or a turquoise does the trick.

You can choose between block coloured heishi bracelets, spotted ones with irregular dots on each bead, or for super mamas out there, one with gold MAMA lettering.

The MAMA heishi bracelets make an extra special gift for mums to be, new mamas and boss mums!

We’ve got such a variety or shades that there’s one to match any outfit. Simply throw on the elasticated bracelet and you’re good to go! They are great for adding a little something to a casual beach outfit, pairing with a summer dress and sandals, or going all out and stacking up to complement an cute everyday jeans and t-shirt look.

Sadler Jones Heishi Collection

Looking for somewhere to buy Heishi bracelets in the UK? You've come to the right place.

Soft and chic charcoal, earthy sage green, toasted popcorn, or vibrant turquoise - which combo will you go with?

We can't wait to see your stacks!

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